Nutrition Facts Panel for All Foods

No matter how complex or simple your secret recipe may be, we provide a complete nutrition facts panel for you. All you need to do is provide us the ingredients and the amounts, and we put it into FDA-compliant format.

Serving sizes are determined by FDA and we meet those guidelines. This includes information such as allergen declaration, trans-fat presence, and FDA mandated serving size. Expensive laboratory analysis is usually not needed with a complete nutrition facts panel.

Nutrition Analysis

We can provide information on nearly 150 different nutritional components. You decide which nutrients you want quantified, and we will give you detailed information on specific nutrients, percentages or any combination. This information can help you alter recipes for better nutritional content. We can then help you use that information to determine which of the latest approved express or applied claims you can use.

FDA-Approved Health Claims

Is your product low-fat, lower-fat, reduced-fat, fat-free? How about gluten-free, wheat-free, vegetarian, vegan? Can your product, along with a low-fat diet, decrease risk of high cholesterol?

All of these different product claims on labels, and more, are regulated by the FDA and must be approved. This highly technical information is very confusing. That is where we come in.

We research and suggest both implied and expressed claims to ensure FDA compliance and to help your product sell better. End confusion in your customers and allow them to see clearly the nutrition facts.

HACCP/Food Safety

All recipes can be written in HACCP format, or we can create a HACCP plan for you, customized to your products and establishment. We provide the forms and the plans in a simplified format to meet your quality assurance needs.